• 10 Unusual And Unusual Places In India; Part 1

    1. Kerala"s Twin Town
    Kodinhi, a village in Malappuram district of kerala is famous for the high twin rate. In a population of 2000 people, 450 are identical twins. It is also fascinating that, every family have more than a twin in it. This place is baffling scientists around the globe.
    2. Maharashtra"s Village without doors
    Houses in Shanishignapur, Maharashtra have no doors. It is believed that god "Shani" is protecting the village from crimes. UCO bank has opened a "lock less" branch in the village, may be one of it"s kind in whole world.
    3. Temple of Rats; Karni Mata Temple of Rajastan
    4. Word"s Highest Tea Estate; Kolukkumalai, Tamilnadu
    5. Motorcycle God; Bullet Baba of Bandai, Rajastan
    An accident killed the rider and the bike was taken to the police station. Next day, the bike was found in the site of accident. Later police took back the bike, emptied the fuel and chained it. The bike again went back to the accident site. Today, the bullet is worshiped and is almost like a temple, one if it"s kind in the whole world. 
    6. Magnetic hill of Ladakh
    The Magnetic hill of Ladakh, 11000 feet high from sea level, is believed to have magnetic power. It is believed that the hill can take cars upward by magnetic power. But the reality is that, it is just a visual illusion.
    7. The home of world"s best Hashish; Malana, Himachalpradeh
    8. Asia"s cleanest place; Mawlynnong, Meghalaya
    9. Village of Sankes, Shetpal, Maharashtra
    In Shetpal, snakes move freely around the village and through houses. No incident of snake bite is ever reported.
    10. Hanging pillars of Lepakshi, Andhrapradesh
    Lepakshi temple is full of architectural marvels. There are 70 pillars that stands without support. It is believed that passing objects under the pillars gives prosperity.